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Nous nous engageons à lutter pour une atomisation mondiale toute notre vie.

Shenzhen Fumot Technology Co., Ltd specializes in disposable vape pens and customized vape hardware. With a robust combination of R&D, production, and marketing capabilities, our products have made significant inroads into key markets, including North America, South America, and Russia.

Our operations take place in a 10,000-square-meter workshop, employing approximately 1,000 well-trained workers, allowing us to maintain a substantial production capacity to meet the demands of the market. We are equipped with plastic molds, CNC machines, a dedicated chip-mounting room, and a team of dozens of senior technicians. This setup enables us to introduce 5-8 new models every month.

Backed by a seasoned management team, our company runs with efficiency. Established in 2011, we have consistently focused on providing top-quality products at competitive prices, the shortest lead times, and exceptional pre-and post-sales services, earning praise from our customers.

Our products have achieved certifications including CE, RoHS, SGS, MSDS, and ISO 9001. Each product undergoes strict quality control within our comprehensive quality assurance system. This system comprises various tests and measures, including:

  1. SOP, IPQC, and production process stability checks
  2. Battery component and charger aging tests and charging-discharging tests
  3. Health checks for workers, dedusting, and disinfection for cartridge production
  4. Puff tests, shake tests, and fall-down tests for the vape device

Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ investments are valuable, to guarantee the value of our partners’ investments, and to promote the well-being of our employees and their families, helping them achieve their dreams.

Our guiding principles are to make every effort to satisfy our clients, encourage mutual growth, and seek win-win solutions. Our philosophy centers on innovation, integrity, health, and happiness, and we welcome OEM and ODM projects.

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Après plusieurs années de développement rapide, Fumot compte plus de 1000 employés, une surface de bureau de 1000 ㎡, une zone de fabrication de 10000 ㎡ et plus de 10 lignes de production professionnelles


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