EU TPD Compliant Vapes from Fumot

EU TPD Compliant Vapes from Fumot

TPD Vape

EU TPD Compliant Vapes from Fumot Tech

Fumot TPD series vapes are fully compliant with the “Tobacco Products Directive” (TPD), which represents the European Union’s stringent tobacco product management standards. This compliance underscores our commitment to meeting the highest regulatory requirements and ensuring that our product aligns with the established EU guidelines for tobacco-related products. It demonstrates our dedication to providing a safe and regulated vaping experience for our customers within the European Union.

With its diverse flavors, excellent sensation, and advanced vaporization control technology, the Fumot TPD vapes have garnered a strong following among millions of consumers.

Fumot TPD vapes have passed CE, RoHS, SGS, MSDS, and IOS9001. Fumot offers a quality guarantee on the brand’s products.

We are committed to delivering the finest disposable vaping devices to you!