What to Look For in the Best Disposable Vape?

Look For Best Disposable Vape

What to Look For in the Best Disposable Vape?


There are so many vapes to choose from, whether you’re browsing your favourite e-cig store or you’re searching online. Opting for disposable vapes over refillable devices will narrow down your initial search. But trying to establish the best disposable vape can be tricky. Here are our tips on what to look out for!



Finding the Best Disposable Vape

Lightweight Devices

The beauty of disposable devices is they’re extremely lightweight. They don’t need the heavy mechanisms a refillable vape contains, so they aren’t weighed down by additional technology.


A lightweight device can feel more akin to smoking a cigarette — useful for anyone trying to quit smoking. The slim design means you can rest the device on your lip in the way you would a cigarette, allowing for a hands-free experience. This makes a lightweight vape a logical swap for smokers using e-cigarettes to quit smoking because the experience is similar.


Being lightweight is not only beneficial when you’re holding the device — they are also convenient to carry around! The slimline style means these vapes easily go in a pocket or small handbag and won’t weigh you down when you carry them.




Ergonomic Design

The lightweight design of a disposable vape is not the only major selling point. The best disposable vapes will go one step further in their ergonomic design, making them much more comfortable to use.


Disposable vapes have a specially designed mouthpiece for a more enjoyable vaping experience. A round mouthpiece can force your mouth into an unnatural — and often uncomfortable — “O” shape, whereas an ergonomic mouthpiece is built with you in mind. It’s more of an oval shape, so you don’t have to tighten your lips as hard around the device to inhale.




Cost per Usage

Many vapers choose disposable vapes because they are more affordable. The individual devices are cheaper than a more comprehensive bit of kit, so disposable vapes can be more cost effective. It is less expensive to try out several temporary vapes than to commit to a more expensive device – particularly for casual or beginner vapers exploring different styles.


Take into consideration how many puffs you’ll get for each device you buy. Some of the best disposable vapes allow for as big puffs as possible from just one bar, which works out at a very reasonable cost-per-use.




Consistency Is Key

Disposable vapes are preloaded with juice, so there’s no set-up period before you can get stuck in. From your first puff to your last, the whole experience should be consistent. The flavour profile should pack a punch, and you should have a smooth puff with every hit.


As your vape runs out, you shouldn’t be experiencing any kind of burnt taste. Such a taste indicates there is no liquid left, but the best disposable vapes will stop short of that to avoid a bitter ending!




No Leakage

Just because disposable vapes are slim in design doesn’t mean they should be any less robust. You shouldn’t experience any leaking from your vape, and the best disposable vapes will have rubber seals to prevent any e-liquid from escaping.




Suit Yourself

These are all great pointers for identifying the best disposable vape available, but a lot of it will come down to personal preference. The benefit of disposable vapes being so affordable is you can experiment with different styles and flavours without breaking the bank. They give you the freedom to try a whole range of vape experiences as you discover which will ultimately become your favourite!


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