Supbliss Umbra 10000 Disposable Vape Bar

Supbliss Umbra 10000

Popular Disposable Vape Bar from Fumot

Supbliss Umbra 10000 is a disposable vape device with airflow control and it is rechargeable. It contains 20ml 0/2/3/5% nicotine salt e-juice and vapes up to 10000 puffs. There are 12 flavors for you to choose from. The airflow control lets you choose the best spot to suit yourself plus it comes with a rechargeable Type-C port at the bottom of the device, which guarantees you finish the last drop of the e-juice in the tank all the time.

Up To 10000 Puffs

10000 Puffs

Pre-filled 20ML E-juice

20 ML

Built-in 850 mAh battery

850 MAH

Mesh Coil Technology

Mesh Coil

Type-C Port


Supbliss Umbra 10000 packing style

Supbliss Umbra 10000 Video

Mesh Coil Technology

Mesh coil is an advanced technology for a disposable vape pen, you’ll experience a cooler, more pleasant vaping experience. It generates bigger clouds, delivers higher flavor quality, and it has a better battery life. All these make it more popular and welcomed in the market.

Supbliss Umbra 10000 features mesh coil tech
Supbliss Umbra 10000 Features Type-C Port

Type-C Port

USB-C or USB Type-C is the latest universal standard for wired connection of smart devices. It’s the successor to older standards, such as Micro-USB and USB-A, that are still common but fading quickly.


The airflow’s job is simple: to allow air to move freely from your coil to your mouth. The higher the airflow is, the cooler the vape. When you allow maximum airflow, you can expect to experience a smoother and cooler cloud with less flavor.

Umbra 10000 has  Airflow Control Rotary Button


Umbra 10000 has a 850 mAh battery

With a built-in 850mah rechargeable battery, can be recharged a few times, so you’re not stuck with a dead disposable before the e-liquid runs out.

12 Flavors Available

Supbliss Umbra 10000 Offers More Options

Cool MintLush IceGummy Bear
Pink LemonadePina Colada RumMixed Berries
Red Apple LemonStrawberry KiwiDr. Blue
Strawberry WatermelonPeach MangoBlueberry Raspberry

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